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03:06:07 pm, Categories: Bad Architecture, 174 words  

Why use MD5 when you got MD4?

Okay before we get deeper into this craziness I would like to remind people that MD5() has been available since php3. Plus MD5 is way more secure than MD4... so I introduce you to today's PHP WTF.

  function getMd4Pwd($pwd) {
    $pwd = trim($pwd);
    if (strlen($pwd) <= 0)
      return "";
    $strCmd = "/usr/local/bin/md4sum ".$pwd;
    return strtoupper($arrOut[0]);

But wait! It gets worse... not only are they not using md5(), they execute a shell script to get an MD4 hash! Really you can't make this stuff up...

And what is /usr/local/bin/md4sum you may ask? Well let me show you...

#!/usr/bin/perl -w
use Digest::MD4;
use Unicode::String qw( utf8 );
Unicode::String->stringify_as( "utf16" );
$u8 = utf8( shift );
print Digest::MD4->hexhash($u8->byteswap), "\n";

So we have a PHP script that calls a Perl script to generate an obsolete, insecure MD4 hash. Not only that but Perl doesn't even have MD4 by default, you have explicitly install it. Um...WTF?!

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