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Why oh why?
Why does he have to type a complete line just to define a constant to the value of *another constant*?
It's like when somebody defines a ZERO constant with a value of... guess what, 0.
And doesn't E_ALL (5 characters) take less typing than KROENUNG (8 characters)?

The art of writing totally pointless code.

Oh, and this one is great as well:

[email protected]("test.txt",chr(114));

Isn't it easier to just put 'r'? (WTF #4) But he also uses an octal number in one place and a decimal number in another.

Oh yes, and check this one out:

while(($I1=fgetcsv($l1,1000,";"))!==!(bool)1) {

Come on, this guy can't be serious. Casting a int 1 to boolean and then negating it? Heck, he could just take out the !==!(bool)1 and it would do the same with less processing!

Great WTF. Simply a masterpiece of WTFs.



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