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About The PHP WTF

The PHPWTF is dedicated to the uglier side of PHP development. The site is maintained and run by Ben Wong, a PHP programmer from the early days. Like many PHP developers Ben had to suffer with other people's bad PHP code. After years of swearing under his breath and wondering how people can write such bad PHP he decided to share his misery with the rest of the world.

The site was launched in early September 2004 and has been growing steadily. As of November 2004 the site averages 1700 unique vistors a day. The majority of visits come from RSS readers around the world. There is also an unusual amount of PHP WTF's from Germany. Ben doesn't think that means anything other than Germans are less bashful about sharing bad code.

The site began as a B2Evolution blog and has been migrated over to Drupal, a much more flexible content management system.

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echo "I think you have s

echo "I think you have so many PHP WTFs from Germany because you got an article about your site in a popular german php magazine";

exit 0;

// *g*

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