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Probably the worst way to pad a string...

Wonky Code
Everyday I find code examples that make me go WTF. This is a prime example of one. It is a function that takes an item's id number and generates a left zero padded string with the id number. I guess nobody told them about the str_pad() function.
function getVanPic($item_id) {
    $pic_path = "/path/to/pic/dir";
    if ($item_id >= 1000000) {
        $strPicName = $item_id;
    else if ($item_id >= 100000) {
        $strPicName = "0".$item_id;
    else if ($item_id >= 10000) {
        $strPicName = "00".$item_id;
    else if ($item_id >= 1000) {
        $strPicName = "000".$item_id;