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RSS/Atom Feed Problems, please share your comments.


Yea the feeds sort of broken. The new system (Drupal 4.5) doesn't have native support for Atom, RSS1 and RSS2 feeds yet. I had to find a third party module to support RSS1/RSS2/Atom feeds.

I tweaked the feeds a little more today. In particular the multiple items coming up if you're using RSS2 has been fixed. Items would come up multiple times if they were filed into multiple categories. I removed the categories tag out of the RSS2 feed and that fixed the problem.

For the best experience I would recommend using the RSS 0.92 feed since it provides the best data because it is part of drupal core.

Please share your comments. Thanks.

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Strange, I've been using th

Strange, I've been using the Atom feed in Firefox (the Live Bookmarks feature), and I haven't seen anything wrong.

could be that there is some

could be that there is some logic in the firefox live bookmarks feature for sorting duplicate results?