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Not so Source Control...

Bad Architecture
post on the The Daily WTF about Source Control, or the lack of it.

I wanted to share this. The previous developers didn't use any source control, they simply did the same thing by renaming the old files and added new ones. The file names have been changed to protect the guilty: Not so Source Control

This WTF is completely a human problem. Given a bad situation people (especially bad programmers) will find the ways to make it worse. The problem gets worse when dumb developers start using those old libraries! Now your messy directories have turned into software requirements! This may sound retarded but this has happened, and will happen!

Remember source control is to your code as accounting is to your business.

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It's a shame source control is a pain with web apps - the dependencies tend to get in the way. There's configuring the webserver, storing the database schema, handling db changes on updates... all of a sudden you need to spend a lot of time dealing with installation and configuration.

I usually end up with several people working on one checked-out dev site, just because propagating schema modifications is annoying.

Really annoying if you're used to being able to check out the desktop app, compile/test/alter/test/update/test/commit, and be done.

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