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Farewell thephpwtf...


And welcome the PHPWTF2.

Tonight I'm going to finish off the migration of content to the new Drupal website. The big change will affect those who use the feeds.

Unfortunately Drupal doesn't have very good Atom or RSS2 feeds. If you can, I recommend you use the plain RSS. I have added in a 3rd party module to support RSS2/Atom feeds. I'm not sure how stable it is though. Let me know if it sucks.

The new URLs will be:
Atom -
RSS2 -

You can actually see the new site at

I'm going to do the switch over the weekend so be sure to update your feeds. Sorry for the hassle. :)


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i Think your layout has a bigger problem with the Internet Explorer 6.0 (or the other way round :-) )

Also yesterday I saw, a Little problem (after some lines off the code example there was a great space befor the rest of the source was viewed)

Today , the complete article is show at the y-pos, when the left menue ends.

seems to be a problem with IE, cause firefox does it right.

just wantetd to mention it, cause for a lot of people the IE is the only browser.

I will enjoy your site with Firefox ;-)
Its a really great site, and i am sure i will participate by givig also some code-examples of real written code (i have to work with :-( )

As long as it works (i.e. the content is accessible) in IE, it's really not worth the pain of optimising it. :-) One thing though -- the default text size is rather large... it's a good idea to increase the size from the value on this site, but I think the new version takes it a little too far.

The navigation bar at the bottom (which lists all the pages) looks a little untidy. What I'm seeing is the numbers 1-8 on one line, then 9 on the second line, followed by '... next page last page' where 'last page' is broken over two lines.

Now that I'm done nitpicking, let me say that it looks really good. Hope to see lotsa fun code samples there. ;-)

Dude, just use an Apache re

Dude, just use an Apache redirect, in case people don't catch this post in the haystack of their RSS entries, when they get back from Thanksgiving.

I used mod_rewrite to do the

I used mod_rewrite to do the redirect.

The old URL's RSS feeds still work now.

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