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Last week we looked at PHP's limited MySQL functionality. Today we have another example for the PHP guys to improve the MySQL library. That's sarcasm for those that missed it the first time.

On a more WTF note, I wonder what's inside Especially since it is included into the code like nine times! Anybody know the difference between using include() versus require()?

Thanks to Stefan for sending this in.

Drinking on the job...

Wonky Code

A friend of mine works in Germany as a Java developer/Oracle DBA. He's quite intelligent, making a decent 6 figure income in a meager 16 hour work day.

He tells me in Germany beer is nearly cheaper than water. In fact, I hear about the cheap beer a lot! I'm starting to suspect that the cheap beer and the number of German PHP WTFs I'm getting is not a coincidence.

This is today's WTF. There are a few newbie things but the WTF is where the array from mysql_fetch_row() is separated into variables only to be immediately jammed into another array.

Thanks to elias for sending this in.

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