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Wonky Code

Do you have a co-worker that writes perfectly formatted and meticulous code that is easy to read? This submitter doesn't. This code was written by his supervisor. Comments in code are submitters.

Personal Note: I had to work on some nasty code that put me in a foul mood today. However this cheered me up. I just have to keep repeating, "it can always get worse. It can always get worse!".

No more spaces for you!

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Looks like it might have cut from somewhere else, then pasted into the editor, where the editor will auto-indent; I've had that happen to me plenty of times. But it also looks like whoever did that didn't bother with cleaning up.

Extra WTF:

Whoever uses that many global variables should be shot twice and shot again just to make sure they're dead...

THAT really ticks me off!



It could just be a copy-paste effect. But for $deity's sake.. Clean it up.

Also some minor things.. The variable substitution in a string always ticks me off. And spelling errors in tablenames. "Supivisor"? Makes it hard for other people to work on the code..

lmao :D it actually looks like some automagic code 'beautyfier'... I could'nt possibly think of any reason why you would do this by hand...

by the way... what is a supivisor? :D

Andre is absolutly right, the worst about this is not the terrible formatted source code which can be easily adjusted; it is the (ab)use of 21 (twentyone!) global vars in a function. Not to mention that INSERT-query in a while-loop.


It's normal :(
When I copy text into mcedit, it always look like this.

Try this:

Pavel and all that think, that this code is 'generated' or copied somehow with some program... It's not... It's written back in 2001 in Macromedia's HomeSite 5.5... The guy was actually writing it in that way...
It makes me really sad, because he tried to convince OTHER programmers in our company to write the code this way...


Code like that makes me sad. Fortunately I use vim so I can just go move that first { to the line under the function definition like God intended, then hit =% and make the badness go away.

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