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Farewell thephpwtf...


And welcome the PHPWTF2.

Tonight I'm going to finish off the migration of content to the new Drupal website. The big change will affect those who use the feeds.

Unfortunately Drupal doesn't have very good Atom or RSS2 feeds. If you can, I recommend you use the plain RSS. I have added in a 3rd party module to support RSS2/Atom feeds. I'm not sure how stable it is though. Let me know if it sucks.

PHP's limited MySQL and math functionality...

Wonky Code

I've been using PHP for about 5 years and I like it a lot. However, two of my biggest complaints is that it has limited MySQL functionality and limited arithmetic operators. This isn't really a WTF but an example of what should be fixed in PHP.

I pray to the PHP gods! Please let me select a single field from a table! Please give me the modulus operator! I beg of thee!

Thanks to Wonko for sending this in.